Ladies with vessels



Write a BIO and WIN!

This activity is for students from Kindergartner to Senior Citizens.  The biography MUST be TYPED.  “12 font.”  Biographies, you are asked to choose from are:

Black Power

Rosa Parks Maya Angelou
Dr. Ben Carson Mary J. Blige
Oseola McCarty Aretha Franklin
Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. Queen Latifah
Johnnie Cochran Mary McLeod Bethune
Bill Cosby Martin Lawrence
Colin Powell Condoleezza Rice
Dr. Steve Perry
Joycelyne Elders
Fannie Lou Hamer Marian Wright Edelman
Barbara Jordan Tyra Banks
Bennie Thompson Dr. Mae Jemison
Herman Cain Dr. Daniel Hale Williams



It is simply the history of a lifetime. It narrative the most important facts of someone’s life, his or her childhood, adolescence, military service, wars he or she lived through, educational background, professional life, marriage, children, and most outstanding achievements. A biography is the events in a person’s life. It is a written historical account of someone’s life written by someone else.

Awards will be given.  Always do your BEST!


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